"One is always nearer by not keeping still"

Daniel Strange is a 27 year old artist, printmaker and illustrator from Leicester, via South East London and now living in Saxony, Germany.

He combines sketch work with a range of fine-art printing, portraiture and other media. His work is strongly influenced by his interests in politics and his work often comes out of these interests - such as satirical cartoons in The Morning Star or posters and imagery for a range of political events in London.

His fine art attempts to delve deeper into these political issues and in particular explores social and economic networks and the way these networks are subject to antagonism and resistance on a local, national and global levelAs a whole, projects such as the on-going Labour printseries aims to produce critical, sympathetic, and engaging "fragments" of how individuals and groups exist (and resist) in today's society. 

In addition to this his work involves private projects such as portraiture and life studies of people close to him.

Daniel Strange studied English Literature followed by Art History at Girton College, Cambridge University and graduated in 2011. His art work is produced alongside other interests in community politics and on-going employment in the education sector. 


E-mail: dan.strange@gmail.com